Friday, November 13, 2009

Fresh Graduate - Job Hunting for engineer

“Engineers are concerned with developing economical and safe solutions to practical problems, by applying mathematics and scientific knowledge while considering technical constraints.” from wikipedia.

I’m Engineer; my degree is in Electrical and Electronic Engineer. Just want to advice those fresh engineers. I know as fresh engineer, you are so eagerly finding a job relate to you major course. How to apply? jobstreet ? or other recruitment website or newspaper? For me fresh graduate, not only engineer, you have to choose the place you want to work at. This is important. As you don’t choose the location it is hard for you to make decision. Such as, you are living in Malaysia but you want to find job in Singapore, I suggest u directly go to Singapore to find job. Cause if you don’t go, even you got the interview session you will think twice, and because you scare you won’t get it.

The other thing is search around the area, do the survey, before that decide you field first. Such as construction site, factory, consultant, utilities or government agency. Then dig out all their HR email address or contact address, and prepare resume, CV , cover letter and photo. Just send it in even they don’t advertise that their got vacancy, because most of them need more manpower and sometimes they are not going to advertise unless they need them emergency. So they will ask you to interview before their advertisement then your chances higher than the others.

Most important you register with BEM, there is one practice says, “Any person who wants to take up employment as an engineer must be registered as a Graduate Engineer with BEM. BEM recognizes the experience gained by an engineering graduate only after he has registered as a Graduate Engineer. As such, it is prudent for an engineering graduate to register as a Graduate Engineer at the very beginning of his engineering career.” If you want to grade as Professional Engineer (PE) then you should register with BEM especially those who interest in consultancy and design.

Fresh graduate need to avoid changing job too frequently, like one year change two to three company. Please, no matter how hard it is, work for one year or more, better if you work three to five years. Those who just come out to work don’t feel that you are useless or what, cause working really different from studying, and first two months you might feel boring. Don’t worries about it, company employ you and they did pay you. One day they will need you, and as employee, you should also need to take enthusiasm to work, ask for job from your supervisor, manager. They will find something for you to do. Even not related to your field, don’t feel down, just work on it.

Salary also is very important, don’t work for salary with under the market price, if you take it, you will ruin the engineer market price. Normally, fresh engineer can get up to RM1800 the lowest. MNC can give up to RM2800. So set a target, and be confidence to yourself as if you yourself don’t believe you can get it. You will get the lowest.

Happy job hunting for fresh graduate. God bless you all.


Lucas said...

Do you know the job for process engineer (for electrical)

Anonymous said...

Do you know how to write a proper sentence with the correct grammar and spelling? Lol..."advice" what when you can't even convey a sentence accurately

The Earth Survivor said...

I admit that my english is not that good la. So i want to learn mah. Need you guys to advise me lo. If you don't understand what I'm saying, you are welcome to ask.

The Earth Survivor said...

I don't know where you live. If you in Malaysia, then you can go jobstreet, jenjobs, and send you resume to the factory around you. If you want to work in Sarawak, these are the company currently finding engineer (electrical):
Press Metal Sarawak Sdn Bhd, Shin Yang Bhd, Rimbuan Hijau berhad and pet far eastern.