Monday, November 16, 2009 - scam website to verified scam web. @.@

Oh my god, scam page now certified by a scam verified company. May be more and more people not so easily believe in a SCAM website, so they gather and create a website to certified their scam website ? What a clever creator, I nearly believe in that certified. Marketing gimmick for scam website, to gain trust of the website user. People want to find work at home job, earn huge money without putting any effort. Still many people are cheated by the SCAM. Why ? because of attractive feedback money.

Actually there are few steps to clarify whether that web is a scam or not. If they say they will pay you money but you have to paid to join that website, that is 100% SCAM web. Do not trust it. Did your employer ask you to pay him before you join their company ? It is ridiculous. So anything involving paying money before you can work for them, don’t join. And if they ask for your credit card, pay-pal and e-banking password or username. Don’t give them.

If they really want to pay you money, they will ask only full name, mailing address because they want to send cheque to you. If direct banking, just give banking account and name. Other extra information is not applicable for paying you money. So do not provide to them. If they ask more than that, SCAM web.

I also hunt for online job, although I not cheated yet but I can say 99% online job is the scam. Until now I still not found an really earning online job. If you guys found one, so please tell me. Hahaha,,, so I can have extra income. I plan to go around the world but lack of budget.

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