Friday, November 13, 2009

Aluminum Smelter

Our Prime Minister agreed that China build aluminum smelter and paper factory in Sarawak. Means that Sarawak will have third aluminum smelter plant ? How about the Similajau one smelter le ? Why dun let the local company to do it ? Or I have misunderstood our Prime Minister thought ? Just investor allowed ? Not the contractor. Malaysian has shows ‘Malaysia Boleh’ Spirit by our Datuk Paul Koon which successes to build his smelter plant in Mukah Sarawak, the first operated smelter in Malaysia. I think the construction and operation should done by Malaysian, not the Chinese.

But for me, is the electricity supply enough for three smelter? Now Bakun still not fully operate. Murum one still not start construction yet. Coal in Mukah will finish one day. Aluminum smelter need large power, not like other plant need less than 100Mwatt. Aluminum smelter can up to 600Mwatt – 1000Mwatt or even larger. Even Bakun Hydro cannot guarantee that can supply to three smelter. How about other factory at SCORE? Heard that there will be undersea cable from Sarawak to Johor, is Sarawak really can supply so much power ? Hmm…

And DOE can control the factory effectively ? World traveler is attracted by the flora and fauna of Sarawak. But setting up so many high pollution plant will effect our home land. Although the SCORE is good for our state development plant but in the other hand, we hope that our government will protect our environment and health as well.

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