Friday, November 13, 2009

Wealth Planner

Wealth planner, have you all heard of that ? Especially the insurance agency, always crown themselves as wealth planner. They just plan on your salary and the extra one should give them to buy insurance. Lol… heard so many times I also can be one of the wealth planner liao. Below are the way to plan:

For daily food, RM13

Breakfast = RM 3 for coffee or tea or milo plus roti, cereal and mee kosong
Lunch = RM 5 for economic rice and drinks.
Dinner = RM 5 for economic rice and drinks.

So per month RM13X30 days = RM390

For utilities,
Water = RM20
Electric = RM 50 (with refrigerator and one air-con operate at sleeping time only.)
Fuel = RM150 (one car traveling distance 15km-20km perday),
Phone = RM 60 per person
Internet = RM 88
Newspaper = RM 40
Cleaner = RM 50 (soap for washing clothe, floor, plate, cup)
Personal = RM 50 (shampoo, soap, gel, tissue)
Entertainment = RM 300 (MovieX4, Lim teh with friendsX4, Girl friend, massage, etc)
Lumpsum = RM102 (any addition expense)
Loan = RM 300 (car)

Total = RM1600

If your income only RM1800 to RM 2300, can use this planning lo. Then you can buy one medical card or life insurance for RM200, which actually include both. If still got money left then can save for future. For those earn RM 800. Then, have to cut the entertainment fee and other expense such as car loan, fuel, internet . The one salary RM2600 may plus house loan. Above that they can make investment like buying mutual fund.

Wealth planner = salesman, plan for your extra money to buy their item lol.. But make sure you guys buy insurance or medic card, as we don’t know what will happen next step we go. So for our family for ourselves, buy it.

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