Saturday, November 21, 2009

Joke Of The Day - Married woman favourite.

One man has tired of his company every day to go to work, but his wife was able to stay at home, so he prayed to God, said: "I work every day into eight hours of time, but my wife just to stay in home just trance; I want to let her know that how the day i had, so please let us exchange the body! "

God accomplishing his wishes. The next day, this man a bed becomes a woman. He gets up early morning for his companion to do breakfast, more than three times to wake up lazy children, cajole their meal sending them to school; back when bank to pay utilities, and then the laundry. Then to the jolly-go home but also a careful bookkeeping ... ... After that, he cleaned up the cat food container, but also for the dog a bath ... ... is already one o'clock in the afternoon. He quickly drying the quilt, but also return to wiping the floor ... ...

After dinner, the wife who lost sense of shame even sitting in the living room watching football! He was busy finishing the kitchen, washing dishes, clothes and folded, get children to bed to sleep ... ... 23 o'clock, tired, washed, he finally went to bed to rest. However, that wife want to make love. he reluctantly, but still very happy to 'do it' ... ...

The next day he gets up, relying on the bedside immediately knelt down in tears with the God said:

"Lord ah! I do not know what I was thinking before, and now I know that I really wrong to be outrageous, actually a mistake to envy my wife at home all day long! Beg you, let us exchange back!"

God replied: "Son, I am glad to know that you have learned wisdom, and, I am very willing to exchange the two of you come back, but you have to wait 279 days ........

Because last night you ... ... pregnant!

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