Friday, November 20, 2009

The area resembles an alien on Earth

Dry Valley in Victoria Land to the west of McMurdo Sound, charming scenery, the local almost no snow, except for a few steep rock, they are the only one with no ice in Antarctica mainland China area. Dry Valley peculiar is that walking valleys and from time to time will encounter a few meters thick lake ice will never freeze, but whether the salt water ice into the water body, whether a simple mystery of life and physical problems, yet there is no answer.

Socotra Island, consists of four islands, located in the junction of the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden, Red Sea and East Africa, the Indian Ocean leading to marine traffic arteries. The island broke the normal Earth landscape concept, exposure to the island, you would think that they have been transported to another planet or a historical era to another planet. The island has more than 700 kinds of rare animals and plants, of which 1 / 3 are endemic.
Local hot and dry weather conditions are extreme, but nurtured amazing prosperity of biological populations. The local islands, trees and plants are the reasons, there is a long-term geological isolation, some varieties even have two million years of history.


Shilin, Kunming, Yunnan, China is a typical karst landform, as early as Health on behalf of the Devonian period, the local was part of the ancient sea, while the sea water flows constantly through the limestone erosion, leaving behind numerous trenches and melting melting column, Shilin begins to form. When the water receded, after millions of years has gone through the burning sun baked and rain erosion, weathering, and a number of geological processes and ultimately create a magnificent spectacle of this strange.

Whenever or summer season, located in British Columbia, Canada and Washington state waters of Lake spots will be a substantial evaporation of water, mineral crystal, lake, forming many white trim change circles, in some shallow pool, due to the different mineral content, Water has emerged in dark blue, or green.
Dot Lake is also known on earth magnesium sulfate in water, calcium, sodium sulfate, plus eight silver and titanium minerals in other regions with the highest. Ancient Indians have used mud impregnated with water-traumatic pain and disease.

Uyuni salt marsh is located in southwest Bolivia, near the town of uyuni, is the world's largest salt marsh east to west about 250 km from north to south width of 100 km, an area of 10,582 square kilometers, rich in rock salt and gypsum.
Uyuni salt marsh in the Andes uplift in the process of formation. About four years ago,


Blood pool Beppu hot spring in Japan, its Japanese name for the 18 layers hell. It's unusual in that its suffused with blood-red springs, as if to imagine the scene in hell, which all benefited from the red of the iron-rich water.

In Spain, there is one known as "Rio Tinto" (Spanish for yellow river) river, it has a peculiar stripe of color seems like agate general, the formation of endemic natural landscape. Red river had now highly acidic (pH values from 1.7 to 2.5), and rich in heavy metals yuan.

Eye of the Sahara is located in the southwest of the Sahara desert, Mauritania huge concentric topography. This is also known as Richart structure of the landscape, diameter 50 km, an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level, the overall rather flat; look like a chrysanthemum stone, it was reflected in its orbit around the Earth picture. Richart structure was initially considered to be a crater, but now generally agreed that Richart structure is the role of topographic uplift and erosion at the same time results.

Ice Giant Zhidong located near Salzburg, Austria Tennengebirge mountains, stretching over 40 km. Around the world cave in the Austrian Ice Giant Cave is the biggest that mankind has a Discovery Center. Unlike the other hole, it will give you an unusual feeling. Although the cave is only part of the outside world, but enough people for this fascination with nature and crafts.

Moon Valley is located in the depths of the Brazilian rainforest from the Alto paraiso Goias about 38 kilometers, the valley rocks due to water erosion, forming a landscape is like a swimming pool. At the same time, this piece of bare ground by the composition of the quartz crystal rock, but also the oldest on earth one of the regions.

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