Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Doing Business for fresh graduate.

Many of you are thinking of doing business. What to do? Where to do it? How to do it? Who to sell to? Everyone will ask the same question to themselves. But no one really start doing it, most of them don’t want take risk to do business. Working for government, or private sector insure their life with salary. No need to scare this and that, take an easy life and past their whole life just like this. Everyone wants peaceful life, who wants life full of adventurous. I could say only those millionaire have a real adventurous.

No pain no gain, today you saw a millionaire, you think their success without any pain? They live peacefully they can be millionaire? Many of them facing difficulties that we cannot imaging, pressure, and hard work, humiliated. They have so many stories to tell.

So how to start doing business, first of all find a job, Public Relationship job. Such as salesman, marketing executive, speaker, agent and operator. The best one is working as insurance agent. Now many insurance companies provide training and a basic salary for the fresh joint person. Many of them will welcome you. But you have to hit the target or else you’ll kick out. Their training are magnificence, they teach you how to look at the person you talk to or sell product to, from their face you will know what to say and what to tell. They also teach people how to convince others to buy your product. Why I choose insurance agency? Because if you sell the product you also gain commission and everyone need insurance, most important you might meet every level of people when you want sell your product. This is very helpful for that fresh graduate which have no network in the society,

So before you want do any business, make sure you gain enough society experience. Unless your father is millionaire, then I have nothing to say.

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