Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Retire people

Old ones like your parents, grandparents. They rather keep the money and hold the money tight after they retired, for me retire from work, is the start of business, start of adventures, years you work hard, and peace cause don’t want family member live in peaceful live. Now when you retire, there are nothing you need to care about, children grown up and can feed themselves, even can feed you.

For me, they should come out and fight for live, or else retire not just they want to relax. But waiting for death. Fighting makes life more meaningful. They will live with target they have aim for live till they collapse. With aim, they will have hope, so many retire people staying at home doing nothing; they have no aim, no target, and also a lot of time to waste. Why don’t come out and fight for themselves.55 years old is that old? I think everyone don’t think so 55 years old is the age to fight cause without any family burden and also the network you build up for about 55 years. This age doing business is much more easier than a fresh graduate. They have experience, mature thought, leadership and most important they have friends in various field.

So how, I don’t know why eldest always like to hide at home watching tv or drink coffee with brother, even that they can think for business opportunity, but they just say too risking, they just want peaceful for the rest of their life. Hai~~ for me is just waste. May be only me meeting this kind of people.

Gambatei for retire people, is time for you guys to rock and roll la..

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