Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Nokia N81 - 8 GB > lifeblog

Have you guys using Nokia N81 8GB goes to menu>application>media>lifeblog? This function if you no set carefully it will used up all your phone memory not card memory. This few days I use my phone to online wireless, it keeps on bounce out saying not enough memory, so I search everywhere in my phone cause I remember my storage all in card memory. Finally I found out lifeblog, this program actually save up all ur message , mms, photo, email and others. So when u receive message or taking photo, it actually save in two places. You need to set it not to save it in lifeblog lo.

Precaution, do not delete anything in lifeblog before you back up the file, cause actually it delete the message in your inbox or photo in your album too. I lost many of my precious photo, sad~.~ Hope this helps you guys.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. It really helps.

The Earth Survivor said...