Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Spring

Have you guys go to The Spring, Kuching before ? Tonight I go there, I saw few ghost standing in front of the shop beside Starbucks. Not the secret recipe. Just I remember tonight is Halloween night. Haha, but still their make up no so scary la. There gathers groups of kids staring at them.
The autopay machine, anyone use it before ? I used it tonight, after I insert my ticket and money, HO~~ it takes a minutes to come out. So embarrassing, people behind me thought I'm rustic. =.='''
I just wonder where the toilet cleaner goes today? The toilet so smelly, and I can see 'shit' no flushed, the floor dirty and the basin also.... That is the service without collecting any money for entering the toilet. When I was in Sabah, every shopping mall collect money to enter the toilet, 20 cents per entry. Ok lah, can afford it. But they did clean the toilet or check the toilet each hour, make sure the toilet is clean.
Have you guys go to The Spring Saturday night ? or Friday night ? The car simply park around the mall. More important, they park on the yellow line. Not the first time I saw this, Oh My God, where is our beloved traffic authorities. That's why so jam lo. Come on, uncle and aunty paying RM1 can make sure your car has a nice parking place and a bit security. You guys ever saw a BMW 5 series parking roadside and the owner go shopping? Lucky not stolen. Hmmm...

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