Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kuching and Kota Kinabalu

If someone ask me which place more fun to go and more beautiful ? I will suggest them go KK. Why ? KK has beautiful beach and the biggest hyper mall, and luxurious hypermall. Kuching - The Spring ? Boulevard ? Oh My God, please la. Really cannot compare one. I just mention the old one shopping mall like center point, wisma merdeka, and karamusing. They are more exciting to go. More Shops, entertainment, food, and the spacious compare to Kuching shopping mall. Just tell you, for centre point only, they have 8th floor, only the 6th and 7th , still under renovation and college. Kuching The Spring, I can say really not much to see or choose. Boulevard really not need say la. whole buildings Boulevard owns 60% or may be 70% of the shop. The shop Kopitiam looks like a old coffee shop, the sofa there so dirty and I can see the cracking line. Oh My God, I can guarantee you won't find anything like that. And first time I cannot found any rest chair. I can say even Sibu Wisma Sanyan better than The Spring and Boulevard.
Kuching council please put more effort in building the city to attract international visitor lo.

I just can't tell how much I miss K.K :P


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you prefer the shopping in KK, as compared to Kuching... but which place is better for RETIREMENT? If you were a foreigner (non-Moslem) looking for a safe place with a low cost of living -- and not too far from a beautiful clean beach for swimming -- then which place would you choose?


The Earth Survivor said...

Suggest you go to Tawau, Sabah. The most beautiful island in borneo is located there, called Sipadan Island. You can also found cheap and delicious seafood there. All public facilities are well equiped. The cons are the location are quite far from sabah capital, Kota Kinabalu, and Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia. If you are shopping lover, then should go for kota kinabalu, you can even go to Mt.kinabalu at anytime. Although island around kk not as beautiful as sipadan island, but still consider clean and well equiped. For sure kk living cost is high but with high quality of living style. Tawau living cost much more lower but with less quality of living style. hope it helps :P Cheers!!!