Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Refuted the "2012" end of the world come

Controversial disaster film 2012, about the end of the world with the advent of gimmicks to attract the attention of countless fans, but Canada space experts, Dr. Liang Feisheng criticism of video content is a nonsense, and the film marketing strategy is obviously to ensure that this smashing films produced in the next billions of dollars of funds to attract more people to watch. As the last couple of years of natural disasters continue, all kinds of predictions are in reference to a world without day will come, but Liang Fei Shengsays these are heretical prophecy. Liang Fei sheng, said that if humans can predict the coming week to be happening, 4 months will have a lot of wealth and power, but it is not going to happen! Liang Fei Sheng says that 2012 movie the disappearance of the Maya civilization, known to astronomy developed, the films that Mayan astronomical calendar to write to December 21, 2012 on the termination, so doing a lot of people think that doomsday. In fact, the calculation of Mayan astronomical calendar is to 5125 years, but this is not a prophecy, does not mean end of the world to come. Similarly, the doomsday prophecy authors also predicted that in May 2003 will happen end of the world, but that day is also nothing happened, since the first prediction has proved to be wrong, this time how can you say is right? He also criticized 2012 film producer in 1978, the international government officials, businessmen and scientists have made a major discovery, after 2004, 94% of the scientists to determine in 2012 the world will be destroyed, and even encourage people to register online in order to were selected as survivors. This is simply a marketing strategy for this fund who spent hundreds of millions of films and attract more people to look at.In addition, Liang Fei-sheng also mentioned that there are other predictions of the world, such as the United States the prevalence of witches predicted that the beginning of each year will be to make some predictions. According to a survey, from 1979 to 1993 the famous American seer, only a prophet is prediction of the half, that took place in Florida, typhoons, but no earthquakes. Florida every year There is a typhoon, it predicted that the typhoon is really no surprise that happen! Liang Fei Sheng graduated from Alberta, Canada Health and the University of Electrical Engineering Ph.D., a former Canadian Defense Department, presided over national defense space, communication satellites, anti-radiation missile defense and nuclear research and development work. He in one hand and the Bible in one hand and grasp the world current events, thirty years of painstaking research, the Bible prophecy.

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