Thursday, November 19, 2009

United States ‧ "The Times": US-China relations ‧ Beijing say no to the United States

(United States ‧ New York), the end of United States President Barack Obama's visit to China, "New York Times" commented that, ( "Hu Olympic Committee"), 6 hours meeting meals, a reporter not allowed to ask questions of the 30-minute joint press conference After the US-China relations, a new look, Beijing is now everything to the United States say no.

The article said Obama's visit to China, refused to see the Dalai Lama, Beijing's overtures.

However, Iran and exchange rate issues, the United States are playing in the impregnable fortress on the requirements.

The article quoted a China expert at Cornell University Prasad as saying that China make a coup in mind, that the United States was supposed to mention China's monetary policy on the global risks posed by the results highlight the United States in turn become Beijing to ease monetary policy and the dangers of protectionism .

Obama will not get anything from China to "measures to support market exchange rate" direction of the new commitments, in Iran, the two countries have differences of opinion.

Experts: Obama may not be returned empty-handed

Some experts believe that Obama's trip to Beijing may not be Kongshouerhui. The two sides of the five-point joint statement is proof. White House officials have insisted that the trip harvest in line with expectations: and an emerging economic giant reciprocity. Chinese civilization is very old, you go to his home loud noises, there will be counter-productive. Barack Obama in private meetings and conversations where one to one put forward his ideas.

This back to the Western media for Obama's visit to China, banished more than praise. Numerous comments that Obama did not visit the Sino-US co-operation, to achieve substantive progress, in addition, Obama avoided mentioning human rights in China, but also very cold so that the U.S. conservatives.

"Washington Post" is bluntly directed at the United States on China's stance recently becoming less and less, but White House officials have blamed the wrong person, Gu facts, saying that Obama's trip to visit the bilateral relations, "climbed to the highest point."

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